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Christmas Gift Wrap

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our home and that means it’s time for one my favorite tasks-wrapping presents. Yay!

Christmas Gift Wrap

This year, I found beautiful gold & red shiny gift wrap from TJ Maxx for $3. Although the gift wrap was much fancier than my typical gift wrap, I wanted to incorporate some of the simple touches that I have used in the past. I chose cards that were made of simple recycled brown cardstock and wrapped each gift in twine.

Christmas Gift Wrap

These gifts look quite stunning under the tree this year and will hopefully be well received by friends and family.

Gift Wrap: Baby Shower Basket

This past weekend we held a jungle baby shower out on the farm (pictures coming soon). For my gift, I decided to go with necessities as opposed to adorable baby clothes–always a tough decision.


I thought I would play on the “shower” aspect and compile shower supplies for the mommy and daddy to test out.


Included items: washcloths, shampoo, body wash, baby powder, drying mats & burp cloth, washable wipes to go and, of course, little shower animals just because they were so cute.

My hope was to have a little paper umbrella sticking out of the box. Sadly, the umbrella didn’t quite survive all the way to the farm, but a fun idea for those of you better at paper-umbrella making than I am.

Pink Yarn & Raffia Gift Wrap

Today’s simple gift wrap technique was inspired by the hoards of leftover yarn currently taking over my craft room. To make your own pink yarn & raffia gift wrap you will need yarn, double sided tape and a piece of pink raffia (makes sense).

pink yarn gift wrap

Simply adhere tape to the top of your gift box/lid. Cut strips of yarn to fit across the top, align side by side until the top is covered. Place lid on box and secure with raffia bow.

pink yarn gift wrap

It’s that simple. This pink yarn & raffia box took about 10 minutes to throw together. Don’t dismiss that leftover yarn the next time you are looking for a easy way to dress up your gift wrap.

Jungle Gift Wrap

Jungle-themed baby showers seem to be very in vogue this year. Why not make your shower gift stand out by matching the wrap to the jungle theme?

jungle gift wrap

This simple gift wrap idea uses one $.97 swatch of giraffe fabric, a small piece of twine, and 2 leaves from my front porch. Total wrapping time–3 minutes.

jungle giraffe gift wrap

Pasta Dinner Gift Basket

A new baby, sick friend, a college student getting ready for finals–there are always opportunities to prepare a meal for someone in need. Unfortunately, not everyone has time to prepare an extra meal in the middle of a busy week.

The next time you contribute food to a friend in need, consider assembling pre-cooked ingredients in a small basket that they can quickly throw together. Half the battle when feeling sick and tired is choosing what to eat & then finding the necessary ingredients.

pasta gift wrap

In our home, we love fresh produce, so when gifting a meal I try to include at least one fresh fruit or vegetable. I think most individuals are just as pleased to receive fresh healthy produce that can be added to any meal as they are to receive pre-cooked macaroni casseroles.

For a simple dinner your friend can assemble in a jiff, consider this pasta dinner gift basket complete with fresh green onions, tomato, garlic & basil. Throw in a package or two of whole wheat pasta and a jar of olive oil and they are set for a healthy quick-fix meal.

Gift Wrap: Blue & Red Straws

I’ve recently become slightly obsessed with straws. I see them everywhere and they are so enticing with their bright colors, fun designs and cheap price tag. I picked up a pack of 100 fluorescent straws for a grand total of $.99 this week. I have a couple ideas in mind for these straws but for today, I chose to incorporate them into my gift wrap.

I simply placed one strip of double sided tape across the top of a wrapped box. Then I lined the straws up so they covered the top of the box. After the top of my box was covered, I wrapped a red ribbon around the box and straws and hot glued a blue flower on top. That’s it. The entire wrapping process took about 10 minutes.

blue and red straws, gift wrap

Wine Bottle + Lace Gift Wrap

The next time you bring a bottle of wine to a dinner party consider dressing up the bag to make your contribution stand out. That’s right, just dress up the plain boring paper bag from the store. All it takes is a small segment of lace, a glue gun, and, if you feel like going the extra mile, a section of ribbon.

Simply start at the bottom of the bag (with wine inside) and work your way up the bottle at a diagonal angle, gluing the edge of the lace or ribbon as you circle the bag. I also took a match and burned the top edges of the paper bag for the finishing touch.

Blue Gift Bag + Doily Accent

blue bag gift wrap

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. Ours was absolutely wonderful–gorgeous weather, great friends, and good food–what more can a girl ask for?

This week we will be staying with a friend as we make the trek up to see my parents. I decided our brief overnight stay required a little thank-you treat. I decided to bake mini lemon cupcakes (you know in those tiny cupcake liners–so cute!). Anyways, I needed a good way to dress up the gift bag. Here’s what I came up with on the fly.

I started with this little blue bag to hold my mini treats. Prior to filling the bag, I used a glue stick to attach a mini doily to the front. Then I filled the bag with treats and tied an aqua bow around the bag to finish off the gift bag decor.

That’s it, a quick and simple way to spruce up small gift decor.

Purple Gift Wrap

I love gifts. I love giving them, getting them and especially wrapping them. Doesn’t a creative, well-wrapped gift make the exchanging of gifts so much more exciting?! Well, in honor of creative gift wrap (and just because I love it so much), we are starting an exciting new weekly posting: “The Wednesday Wrap” (or some other clever title that I have yet to come up with).

I will be posting a new wrapping idea each week in the hopes of inspiring a little gift-wrapping creativity. Hope you enjoy!


Take-out Box (Michaels, $.99)
Lavender Raffia (Michael’s, $.99 clearance bin)
1 mini paper doily (WalMart, $.99 for a pack of 12)
Purple Ribbon (Michael’s, $.99 clearance bin)

And that’s the Wednesday Wrap!