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Pitcher Arrangement

There are a few basic methods to arranging flowers. For an arrangement like the one shown above, it is best to start with your bulky flowers (the white lilacs) as those take up a lot of space and make filling in the rest of the arrangement fairly simple. Place 3-5 stems of lilacs of varying heights in your container–the number of stems depends on their size and the size of your container. Angle each stem in a different direction (or if they are smaller you can try grouping).

With an arrangement this size I would next fill in with greenery to add support and stability to your lilacs, also providing a sturdy base for the more delicate flowers. The greenery in this arrangement is simply the drooping foliage from a lilac bush on the farm. Make sure you add greenery both around the lip of the container, giving it the spillover effect, as well as tall and short stems in and around the lilacs to add dimension.

Next, add your color. This is usually a more delicate stem, so be sure to place gently and secure well amid the greenery. Linda used tulips for her color.

Finally, in order to really make the tulips stand out, Linda added a chartreuse color of greenery to the mix. Chartreuse greenery is one of my all-time favorite items to add to arrangements. Although dark greenery is pretty, it is still dark, making your one bright color a big leap from the dark green. The chartreuse color bridges this dark-light gap and allows the brightness of the flower to pop while keeping the overall arrangement in balance. The chartreuse-colored stem in this arrangement is physocarpus.

The wonderful thing about this arrangement is most people with a garden have these flowers. The flowers are not anything out of the ordinary and you can substitute the greenery with just about any shrub or decorative grass in your own backyard.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these quick and simple steps to building a beautiful flower arrangement for your home. Happy arranging!

A Whistling Girl and a Crowing Hen

“As I look backward over a long checkered life, it seems to me that the hand of God has been weaving a beautiful pattern of many colors and shapes for me and for the people who have been and who will be associated with me.” -Leona Auer

Leona Auer is 101 years old and a Milligan alumna. This past week, I had the privilege of interviewing her and was simply in awe of who she is, where she has been and what she has seen. The quote above is from one of her books, “A Whistling Girl and A Crowing Hen.”

On a completely unrelated note: we are finishing out the last three weeks of classes so please excuse the sporadic posting–12 tests to go and then I’m all yours.

Easter + Golf

A few pictures from dad’s annual golf trip with his brother and brother-in-law.

Instead of Idaho, this year’s trip was spent in North Carolina, which meant the hubby and I were able to join the golfing fun over Easter weekend.

The trio

Jake joined the boys in two 18-hole rounds of golf each day while I attempted to soak up as much sun as possible while driving around the cart.

Beautiful weather, beautiful golf courses.

All in all, a fantastic Easter and such a blessing to see my dad.