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Tiered Baby Skirt

As if baby clothes weren’t cute enough, last night I attempted to spruce up my original baby skirt pattern with a few simple additions and I love how it turned out! I mean, basically everything is cuter small, but adding little ruffles…who can resist?!

This is very simple and if you are anything like me, you will feel so accomplished when it is complete.


Most of the piecing together follows the directions for the original baby skirt I made a few posts back. Start by hemming the bottom edge of your main fabric pieces (the front and back).

Before you sew the front and back pieces together, cut 3-5 pieces of the same fabric (how many depends on how much you want them to overlap) that are the same length across as the front of the skirt (11in) and 3in. wide.

Fabric Measurements:

2-11×16 outer fabric
2-11×16 lining
3 or 5-11×3 outer fabric

I chose not to put the lining in this skirt but feel free to include in yours.

Next, hem the 11×3 pieces of fabric lengthwise on one side only (this will be the bottom of your ruffle).

After all the hems are sewn, align and pin these scraps to the front of the skirt. Place the fabrics with right sides touching and with the bottom-hem side at the top (essentially upside down).

Pin the 3in. pieces to the skirt starting at the skirt waist. Overlap the first ruffle by 1-1.5 inches and continue with each subsequent piece.

Sew the non-hemmed edge across the front of the skirt. Start with the bottom ruffle and work your way up. After each strip is sewn, remove pins and fold fabric over the seam so the seam is hidden underneath.

Once you have flipped each piece of fabric over onto itself, iron them down. You should have a piece of fabric that looks something like this…

After all scraps are sewn to the front of the skirt, measure 1in. from each edge and sew vertically down the entire skirt, over the top of all of your scraps. Forgot to get a picture of this before piecing it all together. You can kinda see the seam lines on the picture below however.

The rest, pretty much follows the original tutorial. You’ll need to sew the front and back of the skirt with right sides facing each other, then fold over the top to make a pocket to feed the elastic through, and finally secure your elastic.

And voila! A cute tiered baby skirt to spruce up baby’s wardrobe. I used the same fabric and appliqued a circle on a plain white onesie to make the outfit complete. With this basic idea you can go crazy with creativity and ruffle all sorts of old clothes. Good luck and happy sewing!

Baby Skirt

Seeing as it is my spring break, I have decided to celebrate this week by working on all the fun little projects I have been dying to try for my new niece. Today’s project, skirts!

Unfortunately, I have no babies or dolls to get a good picture of the skirt, but trust me it’s adorable and the pictures don’t do it justice.

This skirt took me about 30 minutes to complete. All I did was cut two 11×16 pieces of one fabric (the pink) and two 11×16 pieces of cream for the lining. Start by sewing the two pink pieces together (along the 11in sides), right sides facing each other. Same with the inner lining. Then, with the two sets still inside out, slip the lining around the outside of the outside piece and line up your seams.

Next, grab both layers and fold over 1/2 in. at the top of the skirt and sew along the cut edge leaving a pocket to slip elastic through later on. The hem the two layers separately. I suggest hemming the lining at 1/2 inch and the outer layer at 1/4 in.

Last of all, cut a small slit through the top folded edge (be sure to go through both layers on the inside but not to cut all the way through the front of the skirt). Next, attach a 1/8 in. elastic strip to the end of a pencil (I used a pin) and slide it through the hole and all the way around the skirt. Once you have two ends of the elastic pull so it is snug and sew over the two pieces to secure.

Very very simple to make. I’m sure you could all figure these out on your own but hopefully, this will help get your creative juices flowing. I have 4 more fabrics that I am using to make these this week so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more pictures very soon. Happy sewing!