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Men’s Shirt Refashion + Farmer’s Market

I think the best thing about Summer and Saturdays is the Farmer’s Market. I don’t know if there is a better excuse for waking up early on the weekend. This weekend, Kristin and I manned the Aunt Willie’s Wildflower station at the Kingsport market and had such a great morning.

I think she was a bit more awake than I was at this point. We’ve also started taking instagram photos of our last year together so here’s a look at that one too.

The shirt I am wearing in these pictures takes me to my next topic of discussion–clothing refashions.

Some of our friends were thinning out their closets last week. I peeked into one of the bags destined for the college “share closet” and stole this men’s dress shirt. Of course, when I tried the shirt on it was incredibly long with sleeves that extended about 8 inches past my hands plus oodles of growing room under the arms and around my middle (sorry, no before pics that are worth showing you). Here is a quick and dirty tutorial to give you an idea of how easy it is to take in a shirt.

To start, I buttoned the shirt and turned it inside out. Next, I lined up the front and back pieces, set my sewing machine needle in 2 inches from the original sew lines (or however much you need it to go in) and followed the shape of the original line down the shirt sides. Where the original line curves for shape (which is very little for men), I exaggerated the curve so it would hug in the right places (think man shape vs. woman).

For the sleeves, I followed the same guidelines as above, moving my needle in from the original sew line and continuing to sew up the arm, around the armpit and connecting it to the line I sewed down the shirt sides.

Next, I cut the sleeves at the elbow, folded a cuff and sewed it in place.

Not the fanciest sew job but to the untrained eye, it looks pretty darn good (and it only took 15 minutes). Now I have a fun dress shirt to go with my skinny jeans. So, next time you are thinking about throwing out the husbands old shirts, think again and see what fun fashions you can come up with.

Sequin Shirt

“So, I saw these shoes…”

Those are 5 little words that my husband hopes to hear as little as possible yet rarely does. I am usually a very practical person, however, when I saw the shoes pictured below it was love at first sight.

Now comes the sad part, 4 months later, I still haven’t worn them. Why not? First of all, the college life is full of backpacks and trekking across campus through the rain, not exactly conducive to 3-inch heels. Second, I can’t find a fancy-schmancy ruffle shirt to wear with them. So, I attempted to make one.

The picture above is the finished product. I was originally not going to add the sequins at the bottom (pictured below) and just let it be ruffly but I preferred the extra sparkle.

I used this old tank from The Limited.

And cut 15 pieces of red fabric to fill the middle section of the tank.

Next, I folded each of the red pieces in half, lined them up side by side, and sewed across the top. Then I stitched the bottom edge. After the scraps were secured, I pinned the sequin strip over the stitching and sewed over the top.

Yay! A sparkly shirt to go with my fancy shoes.

Dressing up a shirt is simple. If you don’t feel comfortable messing with both fabric and sequins, try sewing just one strip of sequins across a neckline or add a few simple, straight, sequin stripes across an old T-shirt.

So, pull out your favorite pair of impractical shoes, throw on your newly bedazzled shirt, and have fun!