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Sequin Shirt

“So, I saw these shoes…”

Those are 5 little words that my husband hopes to hear as little as possible yet rarely does. I am usually a very practical person, however, when I saw the shoes pictured below it was love at first sight.

Now comes the sad part, 4 months later, I still haven’t worn them. Why not? First of all, the college life is full of backpacks and trekking across campus through the rain, not exactly conducive to 3-inch heels. Second, I can’t find a fancy-schmancy ruffle shirt to wear with them. So, I attempted to make one.

The picture above is the finished product. I was originally not going to add the sequins at the bottom (pictured below) and just let it be ruffly but I preferred the extra sparkle.

I used this old tank from The Limited.

And cut 15 pieces of red fabric to fill the middle section of the tank.

Next, I folded each of the red pieces in half, lined them up side by side, and sewed across the top. Then I stitched the bottom edge. After the scraps were secured, I pinned the sequin strip over the stitching and sewed over the top.

Yay! A sparkly shirt to go with my fancy shoes.

Dressing up a shirt is simple. If you don’t feel comfortable messing with both fabric and sequins, try sewing just one strip of sequins across a neckline or add a few simple, straight, sequin stripes across an old T-shirt.

So, pull out your favorite pair of impractical shoes, throw on your newly bedazzled shirt, and have fun!