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Bold & Bright Wedding Arrangement

Hello friends, Jack and I just got back from a mini-vacation to see the family–at least some of them. So, to make up for missing Floral Friday, here is a little post on a beautiful and bold wedding arrangement made for a bright wedding two weeks ago.

Seriously, isn’t this arrangement gorgeous?!

Bright Wedding Flower Arrangement

I can’t get over how simple and breathtaking these flowers are, and so simple. Some of my favorite flowers are the ones that grow in mixed colors, you see this effect with flowers like Dahlias, which no one can deny they are beautiful. However, there is something about the pure colors–especially pure and bold like this arrangement.

This arrangement began in a pastel-colored pitcher but we discovered white was the only way to go. The flowers are gorgeous on their own and a colored pitcher didn’t make as big of a statement. Here’s another picture for you.


Pink Peonies
Magenta Snapdragons
White Snapdragons
Blue Delphinium
Hosta Leaves
Bells of Ireland
Ornamental Grasses


This arrangement starts out a bit different from what I normally recommend. There is not much filler used so I would start with your tall stems that are used most, in this case the snapdragons. Next, add in the little bit of filler–Bells of Ireland (the green things that look like bells–just in case you needed help with that).

Bright Wedding Flower Arrangement

Now we need to focus on pulling the eye downward. Start by placing pink peonies low in the arrangement, nearly to the vase rim. The sunflowers have large stems so I would cut those lower than the snaps but higher than the peonies. Make sure you don’t cut them all the exact same height, you want these to be varied throughout the middle third of the arrangement height. Add these next since they will fill large holes and take up much of the vase space.

Now you can add the delicate-stemmed delphinium for beautiful pops of bluish-purple color. Finally add the Hosta leaves around the rim of the vase, as if cradling the peonies. Hosta leaves give the eye an end point for the arrangement.

How to Preserve Peonies

We all have those favorite flowers, you know the ones you wait anxiously for all year and then it seems as soon as they bloom they wilt away once more. For me, the gorgeous peony is the flower I most look forward to at the beginning of the flower season. Unfortunately, it seems these flowers are gone before I can be out on the farm enjoying their beauty.


Linda, however, has taught me a few tricks for making peonies last. The peony is a popular flower for weddings so every year we make these beauties last a bit longer by cutting them early and letting them hibernate in the fridge for a few weeks.

For those of you who want to save your peonies for a big event or simply want to keep them around longer to brighten up your home, you can follow these simple steps to preserving peonies.
How to Preserve Peonies:_

1.) Cut peonies when they are in the “marshmallow” stage. Squeeze the bud and if it feels like a marshmallow, they are ready to cut and store. The image below is just before marshmallow stage.

2.) Next, place a bunch of peony stems in double-layered newspaper. The image below is marshmallow stage.

3.) Wrap the newspaper around the stems.

4.) Place in a refrigerator to hibernate up to 1 month.

When you pull the peonies out again, they will look slightly less perfect than when you put them in but just place them in water and in a few hours they will start to open up. The only downside to preserving peonies is that their shelf-life post-refrigeration is less than if they were freshly cut–about two days.

Let us know if you have any questions!