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A Quilt for Mom

This was my first real attempt to finish a quilt. I must admit that I have completed multiple quilt tops but this is the first I’ve actually finished. It took a good cause to get me motivated, so Happy Birthday, mom!

I didn’t use a pattern, my first mistake. Instead I figured out the dimensions I would need for her bed and started buying fabric. This is NOT a method I would suggest. Patterns are good, guessing is bad. However, if you’re anything like me and you just want to DO, then I wish you the best of luck and suggest you learn from my mistakes and buy much more fabric than you think you’ll need… because you’ll need it.

I started this quilt by sewing together strips of varied widths. Once they were sewn together, I cut them all apart into strips of strips. I then flipped the direction of every other strip and sewed them back together with a spacer color in between. You can make all sorts of creative quilts with varied hues of one color in varied patterns. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Just have fun with spontaneity and see where your creative juices take you.

Baby Skirt
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Diaper Bag

I made these diaper bags for a friend and also for my sister-in-law when we heard the big news. The bags are very very simple to make and require little sewing expertise, which is perfect for me.

Diaper Bag

The pattern is available at www.makebabystuff.com. The website has a printable pattern making it easy to place right on top of your fabric and cut the right proportions. They have lots of other neat patterns as well but this is my favorite.

Diaper Bag

I loved this pattern and instructions because once you’ve completed one bag you can play around with the dimensions of your paper pattern to make pretty much any shape/type of bag you want using the same instructions (will post pictures of some of my favorites later).

Diaper Bag

I have listed the materials below so you can quickly see how little is required for this project. Full instructions and pattern can be found here.

Diaper Bag


1.5 yards canvas or other sturdy fabric 1.5 yards lining fabric 1/2 yard patterned fabric magnetic snap, 7″ zipper & velcro interfacing (optional) pins, scissors, sewing machine, etc