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It’s Graduation Thyme!

It is finally here, after 7 long years of dedicated studies I am finally graduating with my BSN degree! I must apologize for the lack of posting this semester, my mother’s mantra still rings in my head, “studies come first,” and so, blogging has taken a back seat. However, with graduation less than a week away I wanted to share with you a few images from my graduation celebration wishlist.

The following are ideas I’ve combined to make a Graduation Thyme Garden Party Celebration come to life. I hope these ideas spark your creativity as you prepare for your own graduation celebrations in the coming weeks.

Minted garden party invitations Garden Party Invitations via Minted

Herb Favor Bags Herb Favor Bags via Move Nourish Believe

Garden Party Tablescape The Tablescape via HeatherBullard.com

Brioche, Peaches, Thyme garden party treat Brioche, Peaches and Thyme via Bayaderka

Good Ideas for You summer garden party ideas Flowers and Paper Bags via Good Ideas For You

Onto Baby Vintage Couples Shower Juice Bar (but add champagne for a mimosa bar) via Onto Baby

Thyme garden party decor Drying Thyme via French Larkspur

Berry Tart Berry Tarts via Belonika

Jungle Safari Baby Shower

Last weekend’s jungle party was a success! I took way too many pictures so these collages are my attempt to show you all the details. To be completely honest, the jungle theme was pretty easy to pull off–think grasses, lots of them. That’s right, I used vases and vases of grasses and hosta leaves to bring the jungle indoors.

jungle baby shower decorations

For the table, I bought three yards of animal-print fabric and used a strip of burlap to break up the pattern down the middle of the table. I used green glass dishes to continue our nature theme and bring color to the table. I also cut grasses with branching brown ends on top to add a bit of nature and height to the table.

jungle baby shower decorations

The next step to creating this jungle safari table was to make brown tissue paper poms. There are many tutorials for making these poms and I promise they are all very simple. For tutorials however, I usually revert to my good friend, Martha Stewart (cause she’s awesome).

jungle baby  shower decorations tissue poms

To help give the table dimension and to label the food, I made little sachets with fabric squares, wooden skewers and circle tags (tutorial coming soon). I have never liked my handwriting so I used a fancy stencil to write out the food labels.

jungle shower decor

jungle baby  shower decorations food labels

I also set up a little card station at the party. We pre-purchased a set of thank-you cards and a book of stamps for the parents-to-be. Then I set up the card station for guests to write their name and address on envelopes so the parents-to-be wouldn’t have to find everyone’s addresses on their own. The station had a giraffe-print fabric square, grasses, a basket for the written-on envelopes, and of course the thank-you cards and pens.

jungle baby  shower decorations card station

I drew 2ft. jungle animals on black card stock and taped them in various areas around the house. I am hoping to make you all some printable stencils for my jungle animals so keep checking back. I also printed out cautionary signs: “Elephant XING”/”Do Not Feed the Animals”/”Trespassers Will Be Eaten”

jungle baby  shower decorations jungle animals

In the gift area I switched from brown animal print fabric squares to black and white. If you can find animal print fabric for cheap just buy it in yards and cut it into squares. I could not find any inexpensive animal print fabrics so I opted for the $.99 fabric squares from Walmart (they have bunches of prints available). Notice in the picture my hanging paper jungle mobiles, none of the pictures of those were that great but I had them hung around the gift opening area and in the sunroom.

jungle baby  shower decorations zebra print

Another station was set up for the guests to leave an encouraging message for the parents to be. I used leaf and flower-print card stock, a hole punch, and twine to make little hanging notes. I also brought some of my potted plants from home for the table greenery. Behind this station, I lined small clear bottles filled with grasses to create a grass wall separating the front room from the kitchen.

jungle baby shower decorations notes

My last jungle station held the party favors. My hubby makes himself loads and loads of yummy granola for snacks so I convinced him to make me a very large batch for the party. Then I scooped out one cup of granola for each ziplock bag, wrapped the bag in burlap squares and tied them off with twine.

jungle baby shower decorations party favor granola treats

This was such a fun party to plan and I think a fun time was had by all the guests and most importantly the parents-to-be. I hope these pictures serve as inspiration for your next party. I’ll try to post a few tutorials for the miscellaneous jungle decorations very soon.