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Decorating: one step at a time

I realized recently that I hadn’t been posting anything remotely crafty, just food. Perhaps that gives you a glimpse into my study habits–attempt to study, get distracted by baking, then munch on the sugary goodness all night long.

I have been working on this painting for a few weeks now and finally decided to see what it looked like in our bedroom. I am still tweaking the background but can’t seem to find time to officially finish, so up on the wall it went and I’m so glad!

Decorating our bedroom has been a painstakingly slow process. I saw a picture when we first got married of a simple color scheme, white, tan, and navy blue–the room was exquisite. Since seeing this image I have been trying to capture that same feeling in our room and haven’t quite been able to get there with our limited time and funds. However, I thought I would share a few photos so you can see some examples of turning cheap, random items into coordinated decor. We still have a ways to go but these little touches are satisfying enough for now.

I decided to hang the painting above our bed because it provides a good central focus and ties in more of the warm neutrals in the room. As with most of my paintings, I found an image online that I liked and attempted my best replication.

The pillows on the bed are probably my favorite part (see pillow tutorial here). I have been slowly collecting fabrics in a variety of patterns and shades of blue to keep adding to the mix. I want the pillows to look eclectic and be the main pop of color in the room. I currently have 3 more fabrics waiting for me to turn into pillowcases.

We have also started collecting blue glass jars mainly because I love the way the light shines through them when streaming in the back window. The trick here is to have a small collection of jars that doesn’t look cluttered.

I have made great strides in the past four years of marriage in learning to just let go. I used to have so many little collections because of my attempts to be thrifty. You never know which items can be reused or refurbished? And the items I don’t think I’ll ever use, I can usually attribute some sentimental emotion to in order to justify its continued safekeeping in our home.

However, one day you just reach a point where you must throw out everything that even partially resembles clutter and voila! A clean and clutter free home. Now the trick is maintaining that environment. All that to say, this is my one collection at the moment–blue jars.

Well, that’s just a few of the decorating elements in our room. The wall adjacent to the bed also has a large hanging tapestry that matches the center pillow. We aren’t allowed to paint so hanging fabric on the walls has been our substitute for color additions.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this small glimpse into our developing home.