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Mosaic Patio Table

While I desperately miss my Oregon home, family, and friends, there are many aspects of Tennessee life that I absolutely love.

For those of you unfamiliar with my rantings, allow me to clarify…

Aspects I do not love: tornadoes, golf ball sized hail, banana spiders, distance from home

Aspects I love: rolling hills, 4 distinct seasons, summer heat that sticks around for more than 4 days, insanely energetic football fans, new friends, and finally…

the southern sun rooms!

Since we currently rent a little apartment, the chances of me actually having one of these beautiful sun rooms in a state where I can enjoy it, are slim-to-none. However, I have been working hard to bring life and color to our tiny, yet well-loved porch.

My latest project involves our patio table. Up until this spring, we were sporting some lovely lime green $5 fold-out chairs. However, we decided this was the year to really enjoy sitting out at night to watch the fireflies flicker so we bought two new chairs and a glass table.

This last week, I set to work turning our table into a glass mosaic, glass shards courtesy of my lovely friend and neighbor, Kristin.

I took this fabric (see below) and taped it underneath the glass so I would have an outline to follow. Then I simply filled in the outlines with various colors of glass, glued them down, and grouted in between.

It looks like a lot of white but half of the white sections are actually pearly so they shine different colors in the sun.

I also stapled the fabric around canvas frames and am hoping to make hooks on the porch railings to hang the frames in order to make the porch look more like an outdoor room this summer.

This project took me about 4 days to complete.