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Guest Post: DIY Bridal Headband

I am very excited to announce that The Kitchen Curtains will now be featuring guest posts! In the past few weeks, I have recruited, if not begged, a few talented individuals to share their crafting, cooking, baking, blogging, and photography skills with you, the reader. I am very excited about these articles and so incredibly grateful to these individuals for taking time out of their busy schedules to contribute to my blog. I am always looking for creative ideas, so please feel free to email me with your own guest post submission ideas, pictures, or articles.

Because I am SO stinkin’ excited about our first guest post, I won’t make you wait any longer. This talented individual runs her very own photography business, with hubby, in the Salem, Oregon area (my home). I have known her since Jr. High and have seen her flourish into a gorgeous, successful, classy, Godly woman. I hold the deepest respect for her and am so excited to introduce you to her today. So, without further ado, here is Kira of Kira Noble Photography. After reading, be sure to head over to her blog and also check out her website for some exquisite wedding, engagement, and family photographs.


Hello! I am so excited to be guest blogging over here at The Kitchen Curtains! Here’s a little DIY project that I whipped up for my best friend Amy. She is getting married at the end of this month and I made a headband for her to wear during her wedding reception. She is planning on wearing a veil during the ceremony and then we’ll put this DIY headband in before she and the new hubby dance the night away. I didn’t spend a dime on this project because I happened to have all the materials on hand. That said, most of these items can be found at places like Joanns or Michaels. Okay, so here’s what you’ll need.

1. A length of ribbon or lace that will fit around your head. (I cut the lace after measuring it to the nape of the neck. We are just going to use bobby pins to secure the ends into Amy’s hair instead of tying it off.)
2. 7-8 small rectangular pieces of lace or fabric. I used scraps of swiss dot lace from a previous project.
3. Package of pearl or clear beads.
4. Needle and thread. Be sure to use thread that will match the color of the lace or fabric.
5. Scissors

1. I marked the spot on the headband where I wanted the flowers to go with a pin.

2. Next, I started making the small flowers for the headband. Start with one of the small rectangular strips.

3. Accordion fold the strip. (I usually only got 3-4 folds per strip, but that will vary depending on the length of your rectangular strips.)

4. Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end of thread. Then insert the need through the center of the folded piece of lace or fabric several times until it is secure. Do not tie off or cut the thread yet.

5. A pearl bead will serve as the center of the flower, so next thread the bead through the needle.

6. Let the bead rest in the center of the flower and run the needle and thread back through the lace several times until the bead is secure.

7. Then tie off the thread. Next cut around the edges of the flower to make them round. You can get creative with the cutting around the edges to yield different looking petals.

8.  Next place the flower on the headband and secure it by running your needle and thread near the center of the flower several times.

After securing about 8 flowers to the headband, I filled in some of the space between flowers by sewing in pearl beads. There is no right or wrong in DIY land. That’s all folks! What do you think? Stay tuned for a close up photo of how this headband looked on Amy, and if you try this DIY out I’d love to see your end product!