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Pasta Dinner Gift Basket

A new baby, sick friend, a college student getting ready for finals–there are always opportunities to prepare a meal for someone in need. Unfortunately, not everyone has time to prepare an extra meal in the middle of a busy week.

The next time you contribute food to a friend in need, consider assembling pre-cooked ingredients in a small basket that they can quickly throw together. Half the battle when feeling sick and tired is choosing what to eat & then finding the necessary ingredients.

pasta gift wrap

In our home, we love fresh produce, so when gifting a meal I try to include at least one fresh fruit or vegetable. I think most individuals are just as pleased to receive fresh healthy produce that can be added to any meal as they are to receive pre-cooked macaroni casseroles.

For a simple dinner your friend can assemble in a jiff, consider this pasta dinner gift basket complete with fresh green onions, tomato, garlic & basil. Throw in a package or two of whole wheat pasta and a jar of olive oil and they are set for a healthy quick-fix meal.