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Potpourri Frames

While there are many aspects of our little apartment that we love, one downside to apartment-living is the “no painting” rule. A consequence of having no color on the walls, I am forced to craft more in order to brighten up the place. Oh shucks.

I was going through a junk box last year and came across a package of potpourri. At first I thought I would be typical and arrange the potpourri in a vase with a candle, always a nice touch. Instead, I came up with this potpourri art.

Our couch is dark green so the limey-green fabric in these frames contrasts well and helps the walls pop with color. Potpourri tends to be muted colors so I definitely suggest picking a bright and bold color for the backdrop.


3-8×10 frames
6-5×6 pieces of fabric
1-package of potpourri
Tape or Hot glue


Overlap the frame backing with two pieces of fabric making the frayed edge visible (this adds dimension). Pull the fabric tight and tape or glue the fabric around the edge of the backing.

Next, scatter various pieces of potpourri over the fabric. I found that randomly dropping the pieces worked out much better than planned disarray.

Carefully place the glass and frame over the top of your potpourri. If you are very particular about your placing, you can always use hot glue to make sure the potpourri stays in place as you attach the frame.

Voila! You now have a unique piece of colorful art for your walls. There are lots of other materials you can use for a project like this so, as always, BE CREATIVE!