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Mini Moss Terrarium

I am working on some fun new posts for you all but in the meantime I decided to share a few photographs of the moss dish I threw together from the leftover workshop materials.

The bowl is from Wal-Mart and only cost $2.50. I used stones, tree bark, privet berries, and a pine cone.I took the pine cone and peeled off a few of the layers, sticking them upright into the middle of the dish to add texture and break up the scene.

Remember you can use absolutely anything to make your terrarium–weeds, twigs, succulents, stones, moss, leaves… For taller containers, I would recommend starting with dirt, followed by small pebbles or stones, and finally your greenery to help add lots of textural contrast. See the link below for a good example of this.

There are many varieties of terrariums to make…Jack and I have been debating either a Hobbit Hole terrarium or maybe even this Dinosaur terrarium, which just happens to be my favorite!

If you decide to brave the terrarium project, be sure to send us a photo! Happy Sunday!