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My First Catering Gig

I love summer and I love Saturdays and today is both (at least summer break, even if the weather is still spring). I am currently sitting at my kitchen table, cookbooks haphazardly strewn about, coffee in hand, laptop playing Feist, and way too many baking supplies crowding the already crowded counter tops.

I always seem to have great expectations for my summers. You would think a break from all the classes and studying that normally consume my days would free up some time, however, that does not seem to be the case so far.

My list of things to do looks something like this:

  1. finish Avynlea’s blanket before she arrives: Due date T-one month
  2. cut a sew 50 yards of fabric into table runners for Kelly’s wedding
  3. finish at least 1 of the 3 wardrobe transformation projects originally intended for the blog 2 months ago
  4. read the book Ellyn sent me
  5. practice my violin so I continue to shame my instructor
  6. fix the curtains in my kitchen
  7. make curtains for the spare room instead of the sloppy draped fabric that’s been there for 2 years now
  8. finish my picnic quilt

The list goes on, but I think that gives you a good idea. Back to the point of this post…my boss asked if I would be interested in catering this Chamber Youth Leadership graduation ceremony on Monday. Because I love to bake, and can’t seem to turn down a challenge, I eagerly agreed. So, this weekend, my list will have to wait.

Here’s what I am making:

  • red velvet cake cookies with powdered sugar coating
  • shortbread cookies with cream cheese frosting, sprinkled with cocoa powder
  • pecan tassies (mini pecan pies)
  • chocolate covered peanut butter balls
  • homemade cheesecake layered brownies
  • sparkling pineapple/orange punch

So far this morning I have made red velvet cookies and pecan tassies. Included are a few pictures. You can find the red velvet cookie recipes here. The shortbread is basically the same recipes as my Rummy Shortbread Cookies, minus the rum. I know, big disappointed sigh from my readers, but high school students and parents, I figured it’s better to not chance anyone being offended.

I stole the pecan tassie and the peanut butter ball recipes from my mom-in-law. Thanks mom!

I am freezing the juices from my punch into two flower-shaped rings for the punch bowls and putting my home-grown mint leaves into the mix. I think it will turn out very nicely (will post a picture here once it is frozen so keep checking back). I’ll be sure to post the pecan tassie and peanut butter ball recipes shortly for you all when my oven isn’t beeping at me. Have you ever catered an event for 75-100 individuals? Feel free to leave any tips you may have. Wish me luck!