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Bruschetta Baguettes

We have officially entered my favorite time of year, that time of year when there are more than 2 veggies in the store that both look and taste fresh. Maybe it’s just me but I’m pretty sure our meals taste 500 times better in the spring.

With summer just around the corner, Jack and I have started phasing out our heavier meals in exchange for lighter, more fresh versions of our favorites. Monday’s meal was fantastic! I made broiled bruschetta baguettes. This one is a must for the Weinbender recipe box.


1 baguette
1/2 large tomato
1/4 c. onion
1/4 c. cucumber
feta cheese
graded cheddar cheese
3 garlic cloves (minced)
lettuce or spinach leaves
2 tbsp olive oil


Slice the baguette lengthwise, so you separate the top from the bottom. Brush olive oil lightly over the tops of the bread. Mince garlic cloves and spread evenly over baguette.

Chop tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers. Place veggies on baguette. Lightly sprinkle with cheddar cheese. Sprinkle all seasonings according to your individual tastes.

Place baguette slices under broiler for about 10 minutes. Be sure to check every few minutes to make sure it doesn’t burn.

Chop a few slices of spinach or lettuce. Pull baguette out of oven when edges are browned. Sprinkle with lettuce and feta cheese.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Happy broiling!

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