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7 Links Project

There’s a fun little project moving through the blogging community which asks individuals to weed through their posts and rank them. Rank my posts!?! After choosing the best post for each of the 7 categories, the individual then tags more talented bloggers to continue the thread of “7 Links.”

Although I have found these posts entertaining, I have secretly been hoping no one would tag me because the thought of weeding through all of my posts and only being able to choose 7 seems overwhelming to me. However, thanks to Meghan at Scratch-Made Wife, I am now officially a part of the 7 Links community. Don’t worry Meghan, I forgive you. Please be sure to head on over to Scratch-Made Wife and show her some love.

Without further ado, here are my 7…

MOST BEAUTIFUL POST: White Wedding Bridal Luncheon or to stay in the food realm…Mini Blueberry Pies

Along with the recipes at The Kitchen Curtains, I post a lot of pictures from working out at Aunt Willies Wildflowers. So, although this project mainly emphasizes food, I couldn’t resist including one of my all-time favorite bridal luncheon posts.

I also included the mini blueberry pies because I just LOVE the final two pictures I settled on for this one. They are by far my favorite food-related pictures so far.

**MOST POPULAR POST:** [Gyro Pizza](http://www.sweetpeonies.com/2011/05/gyro-pizza/) I couldn’t decide whether to go off of my stats or off of responses. Since I love this pizza SO much, I chose responses. I have had numerous individuals email me their praises for this recipe. It’s so simple but still so delicious.

MOST CONTROVERSIAL POST: Ramekin Baked Eggs I write about food, crafts, and flowers–to be honest there isn’t much controversy there. I decided, like most food-bloggers before me, to take a different spin. I chose these baked eggs as most controversial because I feel like everyone has some personal slant on the way they like their eggs, so trying something new could stir up some deeply-rooted convictions.

MOST HELPFUL POST: How to Hem Jeans This post was a no-brainer for me to choose. There are numerous ways to hem jeans and this one works. Really! I received many comments about how simple this hemming process was for the beginner seamstress.

**SURPRISINGLY SUCCESSFUL POST:** [Frosted Banana Bars](http://www.sweetpeonies.com/2011/06/banana-bar-recipe/) I think the mere fact that they tasted great was the surprise. I love all things sweet and adding the frosting was more of a personal preference than what I thought others would enjoy. However, the feedback on this recipe was fabulous.

[![](jekyll_uploads/2011/02/misc-2-325x243.jpg "Honey Ginger Shrimp")](http://www.sweetpeonies.com/2011/02/honey-ginger-shrimp-with-rice/misc-2-2/)

POST THAT DIDN”T GET THE ATTENTION IT DESERVED: Honey Ginger Shrimp with Rice Granted, there is not a whole lot to this post, but it was one of my very first on The Kitchen Curtains and I was SO proud of it and my pictures but unfortunately received very little (no) feedback. tear Ok, I’m over it. Really.

POST I’M MOST PROUD OF: Caribbean Shrimp Cups This was a very hard decision to make. I love all my posts and although I love seeing how much better they have become as we progress, I still love those first few that barely qualify as a real blog post. I also had a hard time because I feel as if the craft-related posts are some of the ones I am most proud of, like Rosette Tote and 15-Minute Dress. But in all matters food related, hands down the Caribbean Shrimp I most love. I love the idea, the photo, and the taste.

Now to pass along the 7 links love, if you have already been tagged I truly apologize.

Kira at Kira Noble Photography for her beautiful of everything from weddings to morning coffee.

DayDreamer Desserts because she makes delicious looking desserts like Blueberry Cheesecake Martinis.

Rachel at My Naturally Frugal Family, because she is all about health and happiness.

Michelle at That’s So Michelle, because she takes beautiful pictures of her food.

And finally, Runs With Spatulas, because I love the name and she posts nutrition information on all of her recipes.