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Diaper Burp Cloths DIY

It’s springtime here in Tennessee and I could not be more pleased!

Here are a few of my favorite things about Spring:
1.) Dew on the grass every morning
2.) Sunshine and blue skies
3.) Tiny flower buds sprouting up through the ground
4.) Planting my garden
5.) Grilling out

This spring, like many before, has already been filled with a plethora of baby showers (all boys). I always know spring is coming when the baby shower invitations begin to roll in. In the past 2 weeks I have had 4 baby showers to attend and I must say, this quickly exhausts my creative abilities and available time trying to come up with something cute and unique for each person.

diaper burp cloth; diy

This year I’ve decided to try out the famous redesigned diaper burp cloths. I always like this idea but up until a few weeks ago had never actually tried my hand at crafting these sweet gifts.

diaper burp cloth; diy

I purchased a couple packs of pre-folded cloth diapers from osocozy.com. They also have flat diapers if you prefer the shape. I found that the pre-folded diapers provide clean lines to measure & match to my printed fabric. Next I purchased a fairly inexpensive pack of three receiving blankets, also pre-folded.

diaper burp cloth; diy

The three sections made by the folds in the receiving blanket perfectly matched the width of the three sections on my diapers. This made it simple to cut three strips out of the receiving blankets and place one in the center strip of the diaper. Once in place, I folded under the edges of the receiving blanket and pinned in place.

diaper burp cloth; diy

Next I chose a fancy hem design from my sewing machine and sewed around the edges of the receiving blanket fabric, making sure half of the stitch was on the blanket and half off as I stitched around.

diaper burp cloth; diy

That’s it! If you cut all our strips first then place, fold and pin all together, then sew all together, you can whip up about 6 of these in less than 1 hour.

diaper burp cloth; diy

All in all I was very pleased with this project and look forward to trying more variations in the future.

diaper burp cloths, diy

Sailor Baby Shower

A couple weekends ago, I had the pleasure of helping out with baby shower decorations for my sweet friend Jane. Her and the hubster are expecting their first child in the next few weeks. My friend Kristin and I decided to broaden the trendy whale baby shower theme to a sailor baby shower. Instead of cutesy whales, we went with boyish flags in bold colors and homemade life preservers.

Sailor Shower; baby shower

Kristin found these awesome nautical signal flag patterns at PurlBee: Laura’s Loop. The ones on the site are napkins, ours were simply flags made out of felt squares. To assemble, we cut strips of felt and hot glued them onto larger blocks of felt, making a flag for each letter of the alphabet. The life preservers are from a picture Kristin found on Pinterest. Unfortunately there was not a usable link to share with you. To assemble we used 2 foam rings, cut them in half to make 4 rings and wrapped white and red streamers around them to make little life preservers. Linda from Aunt Willie’s Wildflowers brought the daffodils in blue vases to place in the center of the life preservers.

sailor shower; baby shower; paper boats

I found the adorable origami paper boats at I Love This and That. I used colored printer paper and cardstock instead of the vellum and cut my paper to 5×7.5in. I would recommend using paper no thicker than printer paper, the cardstock boats were a bit more difficult to fold once you get to the last steps.

The food selection consisted of a beautiful,colorful & tasty salad bar.

salad bar; baby shower; sailor theme

And, of course, what baby shower is complete without the mother-to-be and all her friends and family.

baby shower; sailor theme

Dolls & Daylight

Lately in our little corner of the world, we’ve been catching tiny glimpses of spring. While parts of our country are still trudging through a constant flurry of snowflakes and torrents of rain, here in Tennessee we are seeing longer, brighter days as the sunshine makes an early debut. All I can say is it has been glorious!

DollsandDaylight (4)

The other day, I received my West Elm catalog in the mail. If you haven’t discovered West Elm you should head over to their website for a peak at hundreds of lovely home decorating ideas. When I opened the front page, I was met with this image of bright, cheery, sunshiney goodness.

DollsandDaylight (5)

It made my day and only affirmed what I’ve known in my heart these past few days, spring really is coming!

In the few moments of spare time I’ve had lately, I’ve been working on a trial doll project for my niece’s birthday. I recently finished my doll’s body and thought I would share the results. I have seen many doll patterns floating around the internet but they all seemed too complicated to attempt until I found this Black Apple Doll pattern on Martha Stewart’s website.

fabric doll pattern

The pattern is from Emily Martin who is well-known from her Etsy shop, The Black Apple (be sure to check out her blog too). I am also working on a few clothing items to fit the doll–a hat, scarf, dress, apron, etc. As you can see, Ms. Dolly has no face yet, I can’t seem to decide what type of face she should have but will be sure to post pictures when I do.

fabric doll pattern

I am also working on backdrops to fit into a suitcase so Ms. Dolly has a home of her own. Check out these wonderfully creative doll suitcases at Hart & Sew.

Fabric doll pattern

Etsy: Valentine’s Day Hair Accessories

Can you believe it is already February? January was busy and cold and gone as quickly as it came. Since February is now here that means Valentine’s day is quickly approaching. I always liked Valentine’s day. I mean of course you should celebrate those you love everyday but having a national holiday dedicated to showing your loved ones how much they mean to you, how fun!

Valentine's Day Bobby Pins (1)

I wanted to throw together some sweet little hair accessories for my niece this Valentine’s Day and decided to make a few extra to put in the shop, SweetLittlePeonies. If you are looking for small treats for your little ones this Valentine’s day, consider checking out these simple and sweet petal heart bobby pins. And of course, whatever you do and whomever you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, I hope your day is filled with joy and laughter and time spent with those you love most and who love you.

Valentine's Day Bobby Pins (4)

Valentine's Day Bobby Pins (6)

Valentine's Day Bobby Pins (8)

Valentine's Day Bobby Pins (9)

Baby’s StoryTime Quilt

A couple weekends ago I attended a baby shower for the most stylish mom-to-be I have ever known. Seriously, she’s so classy I wish I was her. Anyways, the invitation I received asked if I would contribute a children’s book for story time, I decided to continue the story time theme and also make her baby girl this pretty quilt to snuggle into while mom reads her favorite tales.

This little quilt was very simple as it was my first and didn’t take much time to piece together as I stuck with simple strips instead of squares. I cut 2 pieces of fabric the size of my large rubber cutting mat (a simple and easy measurement to make). I also cut one piece of batting the same size. Next I took one of the pieces of fabric and cut it into 4-1/2 in. strips.

Once all my cutting was complete, I placed two strips together, right sides facing each other and sewed up the one long side, 1/4 in. from the edge. I unfolded those two strips and aligned a third strip next to the second strip, once again with right sides facing each other and sewed 1/4 in. in from the edge. Now unfolded, I have three connected strips of fabric. Continue to join strips until all are combined into one piece. Iron flat.

Place a piece of batting on the wrong side of the pieced together square of fabric. Pin together. Now sew along the lines that join each individual strip of fabric. This is how we are going to get a quilted look (see below).

batting sew lines

Once you have sewn down all the lines, lay the untouched piece of fabric (the back piece with no stitching) right side up, then place the pieced-together fabric with batting right side down (batting up). So the batting is on top, attached to the wrong side of the front of the quilt and the right side of the front of the quilt is facing down and touching the right side of the back of the quilt. Confused yet?

Now pin the pieces together. Your top piece will most likely be a bit smaller than the other two pieces so once pinned, take your rotary cutter and trim the edges to match the size of the top piece. Now comes the sewing. Sew around all 4 edges of the fabric pieces, leaving a 4-5 in. opening on one of the long sides. Make sure you capture all the layers as you sew around the quilt.

Now, reach into the opening and pull the opposite corners through the slit, essentially turning your blanket inside out or in reality, right side out. Once this is done. Iron all the edges and iron under the small section that was left open. Sew a 1/4 in. from the edge all the way around the blanket making sure to catch the fabric at the opening in your sew line (see below).

quilted edges

That’s it. You should now have a very sweet little baby quilt. Now that you have the general idea you can make another attempt and add ribbon along the edges, switch up the fabric strip patterns and textures, or switch to squares instead of strips. Good luck!

Jungle Safari Baby Shower

Last weekend’s jungle party was a success! I took way too many pictures so these collages are my attempt to show you all the details. To be completely honest, the jungle theme was pretty easy to pull off–think grasses, lots of them. That’s right, I used vases and vases of grasses and hosta leaves to bring the jungle indoors.

jungle baby shower decorations

For the table, I bought three yards of animal-print fabric and used a strip of burlap to break up the pattern down the middle of the table. I used green glass dishes to continue our nature theme and bring color to the table. I also cut grasses with branching brown ends on top to add a bit of nature and height to the table.

jungle baby shower decorations

The next step to creating this jungle safari table was to make brown tissue paper poms. There are many tutorials for making these poms and I promise they are all very simple. For tutorials however, I usually revert to my good friend, Martha Stewart (cause she’s awesome).

jungle baby  shower decorations tissue poms

To help give the table dimension and to label the food, I made little sachets with fabric squares, wooden skewers and circle tags (tutorial coming soon). I have never liked my handwriting so I used a fancy stencil to write out the food labels.

jungle shower decor

jungle baby  shower decorations food labels

I also set up a little card station at the party. We pre-purchased a set of thank-you cards and a book of stamps for the parents-to-be. Then I set up the card station for guests to write their name and address on envelopes so the parents-to-be wouldn’t have to find everyone’s addresses on their own. The station had a giraffe-print fabric square, grasses, a basket for the written-on envelopes, and of course the thank-you cards and pens.

jungle baby  shower decorations card station

I drew 2ft. jungle animals on black card stock and taped them in various areas around the house. I am hoping to make you all some printable stencils for my jungle animals so keep checking back. I also printed out cautionary signs: “Elephant XING”/”Do Not Feed the Animals”/”Trespassers Will Be Eaten”

jungle baby  shower decorations jungle animals

In the gift area I switched from brown animal print fabric squares to black and white. If you can find animal print fabric for cheap just buy it in yards and cut it into squares. I could not find any inexpensive animal print fabrics so I opted for the $.99 fabric squares from Walmart (they have bunches of prints available). Notice in the picture my hanging paper jungle mobiles, none of the pictures of those were that great but I had them hung around the gift opening area and in the sunroom.

jungle baby  shower decorations zebra print

Another station was set up for the guests to leave an encouraging message for the parents to be. I used leaf and flower-print card stock, a hole punch, and twine to make little hanging notes. I also brought some of my potted plants from home for the table greenery. Behind this station, I lined small clear bottles filled with grasses to create a grass wall separating the front room from the kitchen.

jungle baby shower decorations notes

My last jungle station held the party favors. My hubby makes himself loads and loads of yummy granola for snacks so I convinced him to make me a very large batch for the party. Then I scooped out one cup of granola for each ziplock bag, wrapped the bag in burlap squares and tied them off with twine.

jungle baby shower decorations party favor granola treats

This was such a fun party to plan and I think a fun time was had by all the guests and most importantly the parents-to-be. I hope these pictures serve as inspiration for your next party. I’ll try to post a few tutorials for the miscellaneous jungle decorations very soon.

Gift Wrap: Baby Shower Basket

This past weekend we held a jungle baby shower out on the farm (pictures coming soon). For my gift, I decided to go with necessities as opposed to adorable baby clothes–always a tough decision.


I thought I would play on the “shower” aspect and compile shower supplies for the mommy and daddy to test out.


Included items: washcloths, shampoo, body wash, baby powder, drying mats & burp cloth, washable wipes to go and, of course, little shower animals just because they were so cute.

My hope was to have a little paper umbrella sticking out of the box. Sadly, the umbrella didn’t quite survive all the way to the farm, but a fun idea for those of you better at paper-umbrella making than I am.

Knitted Blanket Update

With one month left of school I feel like I am crawling out of my skin with craft fever. I have been attempting to finish Avynlea’s knitted blanket for the past 2 months and this week I have finally made it about 1/3 of the way. I am now halfway through color number 3 which means I get to start over and finally have a pattern! Although the process is slow it feels so good to see progress.

So, here are some pictures of said progress. Maybe it will inspire those of you who also have half-finished projects lying around. You CAN do it! Perhaps slowly, like me, but slow and steady wins the race… at least that’s what I hear.

Here is a link to the original knitted blanket post complete with instructions.

Best of luck as you finish those pesky projects that never seem to end. I’ll be sure to keep you apprised on Avy’s blankie.

Tiered Baby Skirt

As if baby clothes weren’t cute enough, last night I attempted to spruce up my original baby skirt pattern with a few simple additions and I love how it turned out! I mean, basically everything is cuter small, but adding little ruffles…who can resist?!

This is very simple and if you are anything like me, you will feel so accomplished when it is complete.


Most of the piecing together follows the directions for the original baby skirt I made a few posts back. Start by hemming the bottom edge of your main fabric pieces (the front and back).

Before you sew the front and back pieces together, cut 3-5 pieces of the same fabric (how many depends on how much you want them to overlap) that are the same length across as the front of the skirt (11in) and 3in. wide.

Fabric Measurements:

2-11×16 outer fabric
2-11×16 lining
3 or 5-11×3 outer fabric

I chose not to put the lining in this skirt but feel free to include in yours.

Next, hem the 11×3 pieces of fabric lengthwise on one side only (this will be the bottom of your ruffle).

After all the hems are sewn, align and pin these scraps to the front of the skirt. Place the fabrics with right sides touching and with the bottom-hem side at the top (essentially upside down).

Pin the 3in. pieces to the skirt starting at the skirt waist. Overlap the first ruffle by 1-1.5 inches and continue with each subsequent piece.

Sew the non-hemmed edge across the front of the skirt. Start with the bottom ruffle and work your way up. After each strip is sewn, remove pins and fold fabric over the seam so the seam is hidden underneath.

Once you have flipped each piece of fabric over onto itself, iron them down. You should have a piece of fabric that looks something like this…

After all scraps are sewn to the front of the skirt, measure 1in. from each edge and sew vertically down the entire skirt, over the top of all of your scraps. Forgot to get a picture of this before piecing it all together. You can kinda see the seam lines on the picture below however.

The rest, pretty much follows the original tutorial. You’ll need to sew the front and back of the skirt with right sides facing each other, then fold over the top to make a pocket to feed the elastic through, and finally secure your elastic.

And voila! A cute tiered baby skirt to spruce up baby’s wardrobe. I used the same fabric and appliqued a circle on a plain white onesie to make the outfit complete. With this basic idea you can go crazy with creativity and ruffle all sorts of old clothes. Good luck and happy sewing!

Baby Skirt

Seeing as it is my spring break, I have decided to celebrate this week by working on all the fun little projects I have been dying to try for my new niece. Today’s project, skirts!

Unfortunately, I have no babies or dolls to get a good picture of the skirt, but trust me it’s adorable and the pictures don’t do it justice.

This skirt took me about 30 minutes to complete. All I did was cut two 11×16 pieces of one fabric (the pink) and two 11×16 pieces of cream for the lining. Start by sewing the two pink pieces together (along the 11in sides), right sides facing each other. Same with the inner lining. Then, with the two sets still inside out, slip the lining around the outside of the outside piece and line up your seams.

Next, grab both layers and fold over 1/2 in. at the top of the skirt and sew along the cut edge leaving a pocket to slip elastic through later on. The hem the two layers separately. I suggest hemming the lining at 1/2 inch and the outer layer at 1/4 in.

Last of all, cut a small slit through the top folded edge (be sure to go through both layers on the inside but not to cut all the way through the front of the skirt). Next, attach a 1/8 in. elastic strip to the end of a pencil (I used a pin) and slide it through the hole and all the way around the skirt. Once you have two ends of the elastic pull so it is snug and sew over the two pieces to secure.

Very very simple to make. I’m sure you could all figure these out on your own but hopefully, this will help get your creative juices flowing. I have 4 more fabrics that I am using to make these this week so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more pictures very soon. Happy sewing!

Baby Shoes

I had an itch to sew today and decided to give these baby shoes a try. The pattern is simple to follow and can be found here.

I had a few issues getting equal tension on each foot, but I am pretty pleased at my first attempt. Looking forward to trying some different patterns. Baby Avynlea will have the coolest shoes on the block!

Knitted Blanket for Avynlea

I’ve been working on this blanket for my soon-to-be niece, Avynlea. Her mommy asked for pink to match the room. I ended up with 2 shades of pink that are girly but not necessarily little girl, girly. I like to think these colors are a bit sophisticated as well.

I chose Loops & Threads brand Country Loom thread. I love this thread because it is a little fluffy so it hides mistakes well. My colors are (from right to left below), Rodeo, Warm Cream, and Snapdragon. Snapdragon is my favorite!

I like to knit while doing other things (watching Biggest Loser)so I decided not to count rows because I know I’ll get distracted. Instead I am knitting one whole ball of yarn (104 yards/95m) for each pink color (ends up being 16 whole rows-32 single rows) and separating them with 8 whole (whole=”down and back”) rows of cream. Another great striped blanket pattern can be found here.


Stitch: garter (knit every row)
Yarn: 4 snapdragon, 2 rodeo, 2 cream
No. of Stitches: 115
Needle Size: 9-10mm (mine is 9 wish I would have done a 10)

Diaper Bag

I made these diaper bags for a friend and also for my sister-in-law when we heard the big news. The bags are very very simple to make and require little sewing expertise, which is perfect for me.

Diaper Bag

The pattern is available at www.makebabystuff.com. The website has a printable pattern making it easy to place right on top of your fabric and cut the right proportions. They have lots of other neat patterns as well but this is my favorite.

Diaper Bag

I loved this pattern and instructions because once you’ve completed one bag you can play around with the dimensions of your paper pattern to make pretty much any shape/type of bag you want using the same instructions (will post pictures of some of my favorites later).

Diaper Bag

I have listed the materials below so you can quickly see how little is required for this project. Full instructions and pattern can be found here.

Diaper Bag


1.5 yards canvas or other sturdy fabric 1.5 yards lining fabric 1/2 yard patterned fabric magnetic snap, 7″ zipper & velcro interfacing (optional) pins, scissors, sewing machine, etc