Guest Post: DIY Lace Sleeve Sweatshirt

Hello Friends! Jack and I are working hard to wrap up this last semester of school which, unfortunately, means very little time to share fun projects with you. Luckily, I have a wonderfully talented and creative friend (Kira) who was willing to help me out with posting. Kira and her husband are both incredibly talented photographers based in Oregon. Head over to her website for a peek at her work. Today Kira is sharing a super easy and fun lace sweatshirt DIY. Enjoy!


So excited to share this super easy DIY with all you lovely Sweet Peonies readers!

Every winter, just before spring, I always seems to pick up Pride and Prejudice and read it through in a week. I don’t really re-read books, except for this one. It’s lovely. And comforting. And it inspired me to add a little more lace to my wardrobe and tea to my afternoons.


Inspired by this little pin on Pinterest, I scored this $3 sweatshirt  (at Walmart) and some lace and went to work. I really LOVE how it turned out. Super simple and pretty much no sewing skills required (I literally followed the directions in the Pinterest caption). And very cozy. Perfect for reading.

One of my favorite spots to read is the local Public Library. It is so peaceful and has so many gorgeous windows that the place is always flooded with light, even when it’s dark and rainy like today.


Do you ever find yourself coming back to a certain book? Do tell!

{Thanks to my husband Matt for taking these photos during his study break. Straight up gentleman that one.}