Memorial Day + Decorative Paper Flags

Hello friends! I hope you are all out enjoying your holiday weekend. This weekend the hubby and I decided to throw a last-minute Memorial Day BBQ for a few friends. I didn’t have much time to prep but I thought I should still throw together a few decorations for the event.

paper flag sticks Memorial Day

These fun paper flags are great for either adding color to your table or labeling your food (just stick straight into your dish). If you are baking a Memorial Day cake, consider frosting the outside with white icing and adding the red and blue flag sticks on top in varying heights.

You can also add ribbon to your skewers or dip the edges of the paper into glue and coat in glitter. The possibilities are endless.

The simple version pictured above uses two pieces of 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper. Cut 1-inch strips across the narrow side of your paper. Then fold in half and cut to a point at the end. Last step–use double-sided tape to attach the paper flags to the skewers (just wrap it around the stick). That’s all it takes for these easy-peasy paper flags.

Hope you all have a very relaxing Memorial Day!