Bird Nest Workshop

Today was another Bird’s Nest workshop out at Aunt Willie’s Wildlflowers. These are just a few of the photos from the day. We ate a delicious pasta salad, rolls, and strawberry almond salad. So healthy!

Everything on the farm is blooming early thanks to our mild winter so there are more flowers than usual right now. This is wonderful for viewing, not so great for the upcoming wedding season. I suppose we can’t complain too much with all these beauties.

These handcrafted bird’s nest are the perfect table decoration for your upcoming Easter get-together. Check out how to make one for yourself and be sure to view more photos from the day over on our “Farm Photos” tab.


1 small straw wreath
1 cardboard circle that matches the wreath size
1 spool of paddle wire
1 small bag of fake moss
1 bag of two-pronged pins
moss, nuts, dried flowers, lichen, and any other decoration from nature you can think of


1. Take your fake moss and cover the straw wreath, wrapping it loosely with paddle wire as you move around the wreath. Twist the paddle wire together once the entire wreath is covered. You really just need to make sure no straw is showing on the sides because the real moss will cover the top of the wreath.
2. Using hot glue, attach the cardboard circle to the bottom of your wreath. This will keep your moss and pretties from falling through.
3. Take various colors and textures of moss and fill the wreath hole and various parts of the top of your wreath. You can use as much or as little moss as you’d like for this part. One of our farm ladies today covered her entire wreath in moss and other just had little trails of moss coming out of the center and over the edges.
4. Now use dried hydrangea, daffodils, dogwood, nuts, lichen, twigs, wheat, grasses and anything else you can find to decorate the rim of your nest. This year, I used blue hydrangea bunches on each side, pussy willow branches, feathers, dried pods, larkspur, and artemisia to decorate.
5. Once all your decor is secured in place with pins or hot glue, drop in a few candy eggs and your bird’s nest is complete!