The Patterns of Life

Tonight I am breathing a huge sigh of relief after making it through another week of midterms. Now I intend to spend my next week (Spring Break) re-cooperating, reading “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” and stocking up on some great blog posts for you all.

For today, I thought I would give you a glimpse of our home through the patterns that inspire it. As many of you know, the apartment life is just not the same a turning an actual house into your very own home. Although Jack and I have a lovely apartment, certain rules keep us from making it truly ours. So, without being able to paint the walls, hang anything heavy, attach molding, etc. patterns have become my way of making due until the eventual day that we are able to purchase a home of our own.

These photos are just a few of my favorite patterns that I have in our apartment that I hope to one day incorporate into a home of our own. Keeping these patterns in sight keeps me looking forward to the future and to the possibilities it holds–and I don’t simply mean for decorating.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this unique sneak peak into our little apartment living.