Moss Workshop

This Saturday was our first workshop of the season at Aunt Willies Wildflowers. You may wonder what type of flowers are growing in Tennessee in the middle of February? Well, with the exception of a few flowers that have sprouted in the hoop house and early-bird daffodils, we have lots and lots of moss.

Moss is an easily underestimated little plant, however the possibilities are endless. For the workshop we filled frosted glassware with dirt then the ladies took mosses of varied colors and textures to cover the dirt. Finally, the ladies used a variety of twigs, dried plants, pebbles, and willow to make their moss gardens come to life.

This workshop also included a home-cooked meal along with cooking lesson from Liz Bushong of Serve it up Sassy! She made a mullet soup, spring green salad with blood orange dressing, and lemon-herb scones.

I also made a another batch of lemon white chocolate truffles to share. You can find the recipe here.

Here are my recipe adjustments: I used 1-1/2 c. of white chocolate, and instead of using the double boiler method I combined the zest of 1 lemon with the cream and butter in a saucepan over medium heat until it started bubbling. Then I removed the pan from heat, added the chocolate and mixed until smooth. Next add the extract and transfer to a bowl to cool in the fridge. Follow the rest of the directions at K Bakes accordingly.

After completing the moss gardens, the ladies used various willow, forced forsythia and privet berries to make winter arrangements. Even in the winter, with no flowers in bloom, it is still possible to make beautiful arrangements for your home.

The moss workshop/cooking class was a new addition to the farm schedule and a good start to the flower season. I’ve added a few more edited photos of the workshop under our “Farm Photos” tab, complete with photos of Linda’s beautiful table setting, moss gardens, and flower arrangements from the hoop house. To see all the rough workshop photos click here.

Make your own wooded arrangement or moss garden this week–you might be surprised to find that everything you need is right outside your front door.