Farm Days–They’re a Comin’

Aren’t they beautiful? Yes, I realize it is only January and many of you are knee deep in water (I’m talking to my friends and family on the West Coast), but with any luck all those showers will bring pretty flowers!

I decided it was appropriate to talk about flowers this week after receiving an unexpected email. The email. The one that comes every spring from Linda at Aunt Willie’s Wildflowers saying it’s time to talk about this year’s workshop schedule. Hooray!

In celebration of the upcoming flower season, and simply because I’m SO excited, I thought I would share a few links with you all.

First off, Linda made her monthly appearance on Daytime Tricities to show off a few arrangements and advertise for spring weddings.

The second link I have for you is to Linda’s blog. That’s right, she started a blog! Now you can see even more farm pictures. Her latest post shows a moss crystal basket arrangement.

I am also giving you the link to the latest post from Kira Noble Photography. Kira gives readers some great tips for photographing the small things/little details…I think flowers count as small things so this post might be beneficial for the budding florists/photographers among us.

And one more link with pretty flower arrangements from Flirty Fleurs.

I hope this post has sparked your imagination and served to prepare you just a bit for the exiting season ahead.