My Oregon Love Affair

We have officially reached December and I am SO extremely excited. Really, I can’t put into words how great it feels to finally be in December. Why does December mean so much to me this year? I get to go home! It feels so great to finally write those words. It has been 2 years since Jack and I have made it home to Oregon. It seems silly but I am so excited just to see my hometown and drive the same old streets.

In the past two years I have missed 5 weddings, 4 births, many graduations, and 3 funerals–so you can see why I am so anxious to be home and love on all our friends and family who have been through so much.

We love our life here in Tennessee & our wonderful friends, but it’s true what they say, “there’s no place like home”–and I’m going there for 2 weeks!

Because I can barely contain my excitement about Oregon, I decided to finally put my old Oregon map to use.


2 canvases
1 map
4 antiquing chalks (burnt red, brown, gold, orange)
1 glue stick


Cut map in half, or appropriate size to fit your canvases. Apply a liberal amount of glue to each canvas and carefully apply the map. Gently fold the map around the canvas corners. Use dark brown and burnt red chalk to dust the canvas edges. Brush gold and orange chalks gently over the surface of the map in various areas until you have achieved the desired affect.

I also used red thread to stitch a little heart around our hometown. Such a fun way to celebrate your roots!

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