Orange Fall Wreath

If I haven’t emphasized it enough over the past few weeks, I really love Fall. I love when the weather starts changing and you can finally wear your favorite sweater. I love how much better a morning cup of coffee tastes when gazing out the window at the drizzling rain. I love little kids running through the pumpkin patch trying to find the perfect pumpkin. I love cinnamon-scented candles and pumpkin pie. I love everything about Fall!

To add to my list of Fall-centered celebrations, I decided to throw together a wreath for our pumpkin carving party this weekend. This wreath cost me less than $5 and can be adapted for any holiday.


1 tube of pipe insulation, 3 ft. ($.89)
1 yard of fabric (mine was $2)
2 feet of ribbon ($.99)
1 box of straight pins (I had these but they cost about $2)


Cut fabric into 2x4in strips. Pinch the center and fold the edges up. Stick a straight pin through the point to keep fabric folded together and stick into the wreath, overlapping previous layers.

Once the pipe is covered, tie or glue your ribbon in place. That’s it–a super easy Fall wreath for your door. Mine took about 30 minutes to complete.

Well folks, that’s all I have for you. I hope you are enjoying your Fall as much as I am! I’ll be sure to post some pumpkin carving party pictures soon. Happy Fall!