Fall Garden

I have never been a person who claims to like mums. In fact, in the past I have downright hated mums. Why? To be honest, I don’t really know. I think they remind me of marigolds and the orange/gold color of marigolds is just not a color I enjoy seeing outside. However, this year we have a little flower/vegetable shop one minute down the road from us. I pass it every single day on my way to and from class and they have the most beautiful mums.

Maybe it’s the shear amount of mums in one place, maybe its the variety of colors that they carry, or maybe it’s that their prices are stinkin’ cheap–I had to buy some. Jack and I went to the shop after work yesterday and purchased 6 beautiful mums to add a little color to our deck before winter robs us of these beautiful colors.

We woke up to a beautiful sunny morning and I just couldn’t resist popping outdoors for a few minutes to take a few pictures of our Fall porch. I am still working on a wreath (post to come) and perhaps putting our little farmer scarecrow outside but here is what we have so far. Perhaps these pretty buds will inspire you to not give up on your garden just yet–there are still plenty of beautiful fall days to enjoy your flowers.

Don’t forget to throw in some pumpkins as well. The orange looks beautiful with the red and purple mums. I also took a picture of the beautiful purple cabbage Kristin brought me last week. She’s too sweet.

I have one pharmacology test left before Fall break next week. I plan to compile a host of posts for you all over the break so be on the lookout. Last week we had 2 record breaking days for visits on the site. Thank you for your continued support.

Happy Fall!