Fall is in the Air

This past week I found myself welcoming Fall with open arms, hazelnut coffee, and sweaters! Oh the sweaters. My poor husband has heard little else this past week other than, I need more sweaters (need being a bit of an exaggeration). The point is, I love sweaters. Moving on.

[![](jekyll_uploads/2011/09/chocolate-pie-quesadilla-bruschetta-lake-013-575x381.jpg "Sunflower, Pink Dahlia")](http://www.sweetpeonies.com/2011/09/fall-is-in-the-air/chocolate-pie-quesadilla-bruschetta-lake-013/) Sunflower, Pink Dahlia

The only disappointing part of fall is when I walk out onto my porch to find all of my flowers fading away. I love flowers, just about as much as I love my sweaters, so it is always unfortunate to realize I won’t be seeing their beautiful petals for 3-6 months (depending on location).

[![](jekyll_uploads/2011/09/chocolate-pie-quesadilla-bruschetta-lake-018-575x381.jpg "Delphinium, Mountain Mint, Sedum")](http://www.sweetpeonies.com/2011/09/fall-is-in-the-air/chocolate-pie-quesadilla-bruschetta-lake-018/) Delphinium, Mountain Mint, Sedum

On that note…I decided to share a few pictures of the last Saturday Market bouquets I helped make (just in case you are missing your flowers too). These bouquets were from 3 or 4 weeks ago.

I hope these bouquets bring a little bit of joy to your day. Stay tuned for a very exciting, 3 day baking project I recently completed for the Daring Baker challenge. Big reveal on the 27th!

Happy Fall!

[![](jekyll_uploads/2011/09/chocolate-pie-quesadilla-bruschetta-lake-020-575x381.jpg "Tuberose, Shasta Daisies, Limelight Hydrangea, Gladiola, Goldenrod ")](http://www.sweetpeonies.com/2011/09/fall-is-in-the-air/chocolate-pie-quesadilla-bruschetta-lake-020/) Tuberose, Shasta Daisies, Limelight Hydrangea, Gladiola, Goldenrod