Apples and Globe Graduation Party

Living far away from home has never been our ideal situation. Although Jack and I have our rough days being so far away from home, time and time again we have have found comfort in our friends. One of these dear friends, Kristin Waite, received her very first teaching position this week. In May, Kristin graduated with a master’s degree in teaching and threw a fabulous “Teacher-themed” graduation party. I asked Kristin a few weeks ago to write a post about her party and I figured, in honor of her new job, this week would be most fitting to share it with you.

So without further ado, I give you the fabulous Kristin Waite…

“This Apples and Globe theme would make a great party for a teacher in any phase of life: graduation, wedding, baby, new job, or retirement.

I planned this party to celebrate graduation with my friends and family that traveled to celebrate the occasion with me. Below are a few of the online places I found inspiration and what I finally settled on.

This pencil vase from Simply Staci became one of the most expensive non-edible features of the party. Buying that many pencils begins to add up, but the upside is that teachers always need more pencils!
Photo Courtesy of ohmigoshblog.

Bakerella the cake pop queen made these adorable apple cake pops. I wanted to use them to decorate the cake. I therefore used toothpicks to dip them in the red candy coating.

The cake recipe I found on Bakerella. It just seemed too decadent not to attempt. It is a beautiful cake, while not being unapproachable to those who eat it. I saw the recipe and as I was thinking about the party theme, realized this would make a great notebook paper design if the stripes were blue and not brown. This became the central goal of the party: successfully complete this cake. I substituted white chocolate instead of chocolate in the glaze and added blue food coloring.

Another idea I found was to use books as centerpieces. You can use them to raise the height of vases or candles on a table. I used them here to raise jars of cookies to different levels. This allowed them to mimic the serving plates on the other side that created a stair step on the opposite side. It would be incredible to have many older books that would make a perfect neutral centerpiece, but I don’t have those type of books. In their place I used my favorite history and education books that have gotten me through my education thus far.

One original idea was to decorate the cookie jars with composition notebook design. I used this website to create the labels that identified what type of cookies were on the cookie bar.

I used free maps that I had collected from rest stops over the years to decorate the walls and create map bunting. Never underestimate the free resources available in the brochure walls at rest stops. I know I never will.

I also borrowed globes from friends and checked a few out from the university library to decorate my home. Along with rest stop brochure walls, never underestimate the resources of area libraries.

I hope this encourages you to let your party ideas marinate for a while. It is the small inexpensive details that make the party.”