Cookbook Review

Following a busy weekend as wedding coordinator in Mechanicsville, Virginia, I came home to find a wonderful surprise. After a long year of watching and waiting, and waiting and watching, and perhaps a little impatient complaining, Whitney Miller’s first ever cookbook finally arrived at my front door. Miller is the season 1 winner of MasterChef (summer 2010). Her new cookbook, “Modern Hospitality” has been one year in the making and is 172 pages long.

In the past two years I have become quite obsessed with cooking shows, mainly those involving either Chef Curtis Stone or my all-time favorite, Gordon Ramsay. Last summer’s MasterChef became an instant favorite with the 22-year-old Southern underdog, Whitney Miller, rising to the forefront. I enjoyed watching Whitney create her dishes because she uses simple ingredients and simple techniques to create fabulous looking and I’m sure, fabulous tasting food. Although she is far more skilled than I am (and younger, I will now swallow my pride), I feel that our cooking methods and priorities are similar, therefore, I can’t wait to dive into her cookbook.

Whitney’s cookbook is a modern twist on Southern cooking and hospitality. She takes many of the “boring” and less-sought-after vegetables and somehow manages to glamorize them.

Some of my favorite recipes so far include a carrot souffle, cauliflower mac n’ cheese, upside down quiche, turnip green pesto, and pulled pork BBQ. She also gives a southern affogato recipe. Affogato is a type of ice cream dessert, usually in the form of a scoop of gelato with shots of espresso over the top. When I was living in Ukraine, this was one of my all-time favorite treats. Whitney’s version has a home-made butter pecan ice cream. Yummy!

If you can’t tell yet, I am so excited to dive into this great southern cookbook. So, off I go. I’ll be sure to update you all as I cook my way through Whitney’s recipes.