Spray Paint Patio Lights

Last summer I bought these cute little yellow glass lanterns at a thrift store for $2. I liked the yellow because it is summer color, but this yellow was too dark for my tastes. My solution? Spray paint. A few days ago, while going through my nightly routine of catching up on the 48 or so blogs I have bookmarked, I saw these lanterns that were painted with a glow-in-the-dark paint (which was awesome). I, however, couldn’t justify spending the money on glow in the dark paint for just one project. Instead, I chose an indoor/outdoor $.97 can of pure white, thinking by the time I put a candle inside it’ll glow all by itself. I know, I’m pretty clever like that.

Can I just say, that although these almost look like little milk jugs, I absolutely love the finished product. The paint has an almost marbled look with tiny hints of yellow showing through which give it lots of texture. I have the lanterns sitting in between my pepper plants at the moment just waiting for me to attach them to the our porch railing.

If you have old jars, tins, or frames that you think you will never display in your home, don’t discount the power a new coat of paint can make, turning old and grungy into new and modern.