A Few of My Favorite Things

Jack and I celebrated three years of marriage on Tuesday. Woohoo! Here’s a little tidbit about year three of marriage…apparently, leather is the gift of choice for three years of marriage because it is at this point the couple realizes the durability of their relationship. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I like the sound of it. I can hear you married veterans chuckling right now, “oh newlyweds.”

Anyways, I was able to take the entire day off for some much-needed R&R. Poor Jack still had to go in for most of the day, but I was able to catch up on a bit of cleaning and partake in a few activities I’ve been missing.

So, what did I do today, you ask?

After waking up at the delightful time of 9:30, I lazily walked into my kitchen for a cup of coffee and was greeted by a beautiful lily plant and a very sweet card from my best friend and hubby. This particular lily had three blooming flowers, one for each year of marriage. Awww.

Next, I enjoyed a cup of coffee on our front porch and watched the morning haze wear away. Here’s a picture of our porch growing progress.

I then walked down to the mailbox and was blessed to find five anniversary cards from our friends and family. Thank you all for the well wishes. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your love and support.

After a tearful read over the cards. I headed to the bank and then our local Starbucks to get coffee #2, but more importantly, to say hello to my friend Jane.

After a brief visit, I made the trek down the block to Target for a little “window shopping,” or at least that’s what I told myself. Just look, don’t touch, don’t buy, just look. That didn’t last long.

I’ve been wanting a pair of boots for the farm since last summer. These were cheap and cute enough for me to finally cave.

I mean, just look at these beauties, aren’t they perfect for a wildflower farm? I love boots!

I wasn’t completely selfish, however…I bought Jakie an individual mug/french press that he’s had his eye on for months.

We decided the one thing we absolutely wanted on our anniversary was sushi. So, we headed to our local Earth Fare and bought a few varieties of sushi, artisan bread, and Tillamook cheese. Yes, we bought sushi from a store, not a restaurant. Trust me their sushi beats any restaurant in the area.

I thought Tillamook Cheese would be a treat as well since we can’t buy normal blocks of it like we do back home. In fact, half the amount of Tillamook cheese costs double the price here in Tennessee. So, it truly was a treat.

We also rented a movie we’ve wanted to see since February. You ready for this? Gnomeo and Juliet.It was SO cute and my kind of clever with remarks along the lines of, “What’s in a gnome?” Yes, I am easily entertained.

We followed dinner with another favorite, French Silk Pie from Dairy Queen.
All in all, a very enjoyable anniversary, probably my favorite so far, and all for a reasonable price. Which, for practical me, feels wonderful.

A fabulous day of all the things I love: coffee, friends, gardening, sushi, Tillamook Cheese, boots, French Silk Pie, and of course, Jack. And now, I am finishing the day with one last favorite, blogging. So, thank you for indulging me as I take a break from the usual crafts and recipes to bring you a few of my favorite things.