Spring Petal Mosaic

I am one of those individuals who collects pretty much everything I have ever received. You might say I am overly-sentimental. I like to think I simply have incredible insight to possible future uses of said gifts. I mean, you never know when a ceramic lime green elephant will come in handy.

One of the items I have acquired many of over the years are roses. I have dried roses from high school plays, Valentine’s days, and birthdays in jars all around my home. Well, last March, spring cleaning got the best of me and I decided to get rid of the clutter of jars. Of course, I couldn’t bring myself to throw away the entire collection of dried petals so I came up with a way to display the flowers in a more condensed manner.

I took a canvas and painted the sides and background in varying shades of green. Painting the background made it easier to attach the petals without having to worry about covering every tiny hole. After the canvas dried I took craft glue and started attaching different shades of petals in groupings and then blending the groups together with a gradient of petals. I also added a few dried leaves to help make the green underneath blend well with the overall composition.

I couldn’t be happier with how the piece turned out. I now have my own unique piece of spring art that ties together our flowered curtains and green couch in the living room.